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Tom, Mark, Melonie, Jacob, James, Justin



 1525 Addison Ave. E., Suite C-8

 Twin Falls, ID 83301

 (208) 733-1980


 Mark Swenson, General Manager

 Tom Hudson, Operations Manager


 E-mail service requests or ask

 questions at:



DAD’s Telephone Sales & Service Co.

The DADS stands for Digital and Data Solutions


Idaho Contracting #: RCE-10362

Public Works Contractors Licence#:  018775-D-4


“Honest answers and solutions for your business

telecommunications needs.”


-Locally owned and operated for over 25 years.

-Serving most of southern Idaho including the Ketchum/Sun Valley area.

- 24/7 Emergency Service.



-Southern Idaho’s largest Certified Panasonic phone system dealer.

We also service other brands of phone systems.

-VOIP systems that work

-Quality/Certified data network cabling.

-Reliable and fast wireless networks.

-LAN testing and problem diagnosis.

-Security cameras and DVR systems.

-Overhead sound and paging systems.

-Quality Corning Fiber Optic products and termination.

-Cordless Headsets.

-Message/Music on hold.

-We gladly work with National Contractors.

-Certified lift operators.



-Residential wired and wireless networking for computers, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles and internet players (i.e. Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.)

-Security cameras and digital video recorders that you can access from your smart phone.

-Help with Home Theatre Surround systems.

- Digital off-air TV reception and connection.


“Our stuff works, our support is real!”


CALL US AT (208) 733-1980