Maintain a Connected Network

Maintain a Connected Network

We offer LAN testing and problem diagnosis

If your networking system isn’t working like it should or you can’t connect to the internet, contact DAD’s Telephone Sales & Service Co. for LAN testing services. We’ll visit your home or office to troubleshoot the problem you’re having. Our experienced technicians can test your system to diagnose the issue and fix it.

Call 208-733-1980 today to figure out the problem with your network.

Make sure your computers are communicating

LAN stands for a local area network. It refers to the interconnection of the computers in your home or office with a server or the internet. We’ll test:

  • The speed of your network
  • The signal you’re receiving
  • The connectivity of your systems

When your ethernet cable or data networking isn’t recognized, we can solve the problem. Contact DAD’s Telephone Sales & Service Co. today to get connected to your company’s network.